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About International Business Coaching Center

The International Business Coaching Center has started its activities since 2020 with the aim of guiding and educating business enthusiasts. The center has successfully trained more than 3,000 students and interested in this field. In addition to training, we will mentor and coach businessmen and we will be with them until we reach the conclusion.
The International Business Coaching Center has very high goals for its coaching courses. This center is trying to train traders in the field of exports and imports, to increase the country’s exports and improve the price of imported goods.

International Business Coaching Center Services

At the International Business Coaching Center, each participant is assessed and given the required training and background, according to their talent and condition. The goal of this center is to have results. The center offers comprehensive and specialized training. International trade is divided into import and exports. In Business Coaching course, we teach both areas for people with a capital of over 100 million tomans and follow one of these two fields. Also, in this center, two comprehensive export guerrilla courses (Beginner to Advanced Export Comprehensive Course) and Import Plus (Beginner to Advanced Comprehensive Import Course) are offered to those interested in this field. A businessman needs two other important tools: correspondence and prospecting. These two tools are detailed and detailed in two separate periods.

Dr. Amir Hossein Jafari

Teacher and coach of more than 4,000 businessmen
With more than 10 years of practical experience in the field of international trade and export and import education
PhD in Management University of Tehran
Export and import of more than 50 types of goods and services worth more than $30 million
Experience in trade and travel to more than 20 countries

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