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Our Business Talents at the International Business Coaching Center

These are our successful students who have been able to transform themselves into brands through our coaching courses.
Amir Hossein Madandar
Expert in English Language Teaching
Sales Manager of Handwoven and Machine Made Carpet Factory

I certainly had no faith in getting results through this period! But with my knowledge of Mr. Jafari’s knowledge, I decided to take part in the international business coaching course.

Now، through this period، I have been able to enter the field of trade and talk to a few foreign countries in the field of carpet exports، the trade process I have come up with is sure to end in the billionth of my contracts.

Tips from the course that had the greatest impact on starting my business:
  1. Practical Orientation of Coaching Courses
  2. Effective and Honest Expression by Dr. Jafari
Hossein Khani
Diploma of Electrotechnical
Producer and exporter of single and double layer mosaics as well as natural and engineered stones

I was afraid to participate in the course! But I believe fear comes from not being responsible. I set a goal for myself and entered the course. I transformed my entire business system and tried to build a deeper connection with my customers. I did two or four and I saw that the process that I had taken with Mr. Jafari’s help was working more than I expected, as if I was attracting customers like a magnet. I’ve had over 10 fully profitable and successful trades so far, and I’m thinking about making my business bigger.

Tips from the course that had the greatest impact on starting my business:
  1. Process Writing and Business Efficiency Management
  2. Ongoing Follow-up of Business Coaches

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Our Companions at the Academy

Over the years, we have been proud to be with these people.